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Birman Cat Facts

For a person who likes cats but opts for a low-maintenance type of feline companion, the Birman cat also known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma" makes an excellent choice.

This Breed of cat known for its striking deep blue/ sapphire coloured eyes, and silky semi-longhaired coat of color-point pattern is affectionate and sweet by nature. A very unique feature of the Birman cat is the white "gloves" on each paw which are symmetrical in all four feet.

Not to be mistaken for Burmese, though the term Birmanie is actually a French spelling of Burma, this highly endearing Birman cat was first recognized in France and has become popular among breeders and pet owners.

Birman makes a suitable pet not just for adults but for children as well for this breed are people oriented, intelligent, playful and a thousand times charming than any other pet! They can be kept even with dogs at home, provided that the dogs are cat-friendly since Birman can adapt easily although supervision might be applied if there are other pets like guinea pigs, hamsters or fish around.